My Happy Place

Happy Gilmore references aside, it has always been important to me to have a quiet place to unwind and digest the thoughts and happenings of the day. Psychologically, I am at my peak when this reflection time occurs daily: I sleep better, moods are elevated, motivation is natural opposed to a battle and many other benefits that are either consciously noted or go unnoticed in the subconscious.

At the end of every day I like to embark on a mind-clearing nature hike that lets me keep tabs on the natural ecosystem on my farm. Here is where I like to just sit, sometimes read or sometimes generate the thoughts for blogs posts and my next crazy venture. We may not have control over everything in our lives, but we do have control over how we react and learn from various experiences. That is the basis for the name of my farm: Timshel.




With the support of two black locust trees, I can sit in peace and watch the squirrels frantically try and remember where their store of winter nuts is located, or hawks chasing doves and songbirds. I’m still waiting for a large mammal to venture out unaware of my presence!


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