Despite numerous mentions, my insatiable reading appetite has not been the subject of many posts. Fear not though, I have been reading veraciously but have just had so much to write about stemming from the activities involved in getting the farm established.

All of the books that I have read recently yielded varying degrees of usefulness. Basing the purchases off of some positive reviews from amazon, a few books covering organic or sustainable farming practices left much to be desired. While lacking any content that was thought-provoking or groundbreaking, they still contained useful information and pointed to good resources. One book particularly extolled the virtues of spending a lot of time on a business plan. Most of this has been in my head which is much less helpful than spending the time to put it onto paper.

Sticking with the theme of books in the public domain that are free and unprotected by copyrights, I have been working through the works of John Muir. He doesn’t offer much in the way of helping the farm efforts, but his voluble diction when describing wildlife and positive mindset is contagious.

The rest of the books are deserving of their own posts. Some of them I “read” via audiobook and want hardcopies to take notes. That will come in time!


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