First visit of the year summary

On my first visit of the year, I made 2 new friends and knocked out a slew of tasks:

  • Replaced failed and failing segments of garden bed walls.
  • Made the acquaintance of two volunteers of the pest patrol team.
  • Cleaned up the residual hops from last year.
  • Installed ~ 20 hops trellises.
  • Sprayed all garden beds with an herbicide that targets foliage
    • Just diluted vinegar
    • I avoided spraying the hops, currants and gooseberries as they were flushing leaves.
    • My strategy is spray everything else indiscriminately since the herbicide works by desiccating foliage without harming the stems of perennials, the soil or roots.
    • Next weekend will be followed up with a planting of buckwheat and clover to outcompete anything that tries to come back

Then turkey season will keep me occupied until my next visit in May. Until then, I have plenty to keep me busy posting in the meantime!


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