First farm-related purchase made!

Despite the size of the purchase, I find great excitement in taking the first step out of the abstract by ordering a physical product! Here are the chicken watering nipples!



I will also be flying home from the Middle East for thanksgiving break, so please forgive the lack of updates for the next few days!


One thought on “First farm-related purchase made!

  1. Janel says:

    Hi! You sound like a well-educated young man with a clear vision and lots of gumption. (I’m using your gravel post process today; that’s how I happened on your website. I have read almost everything on your reading list as well.) I’m just curious as to why you’re raising beef when the consumption of animal products is by far the leading driver in deforestation, ocean death, and CO2 production. Eating meat/dairy is also detrimental to your health. (I grew up on a dairy farm!) Why not just raise whole foods that come from healthy soil instead? Nice work on website and building your farm!


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