How much is a tree worth? Emerald Ash borer

Atop a rise at the edge of the pasture sits a massively sprawling lone wolf tree. With nothing behind it except the view of the valley floor below, the tree has become ingrained in the identity of the farm itself. The spectacular image to which the tree contributes is one that begs the question: Will the farm be the same without it?








With Emerald Ash Borer confirmed in the closest city of Harrisonburg, this tree has an expected life span of only 10-15 more years. Remaining a part of the farm will come at a high cost. But what exactly is that cost?

The expertise of an arborist and tree service company was called upon. Measurements revealed that the lone wolf White Ash tree is 44” Diameter Breast Height (DBH) which is used to calculate how much treatment is needed, thus the cost of treatment.

So how much is a tree worth? Thinking entirely pragmatically, the tree is actually costing feed value due to shading out the pasture grasses. Are aesthetics and sentimental value worth $330 per year in treatments?