Chose a Name and Made an LLC

I chose Timshel as it is the central concept of one of my favorite literary passages. The concept is also likely to which I owe much of the shaping of my moral fiber. Now that I’ve dwelt on it the passage could be the reason I am so independent and what taught me personal responsibility at the right time in my life. There is nothing to glorify about the choice of “Acres”, it just sounded cool so I picked it!

To keep in line with educational value of my posts for anyone who is on the fence about doing something similar, I will cover the process of filing the paperwork to create the LLC. My process is Virginia-specific, but with how easy it was I can’t imagine other states being much different.

The paperwork literally took about 25 seconds. More time was spent retrieving my wallet to pay for the filing fee than actually filling out paperwork. The form is at the Commonwealth of Virginia State Corporation Commission and the only information required is:

1. Proposed LLC Name

2. Registered Agent (Me in this case) and their address (where the mail gets sent, my accountant friend said thats all the IRS/State cares about initially)

3. e-Signature

Thats it! Here is a screenshot of the form in its entirety:

LLC Form

After submitting the filing fee, you receive this in a process that took 1 minute start to finish:


Thats it! I now own Timshel Acres LLC!