Checking in from my blind

This is the week I look forward to all year. I get an excuse to just sit quietly in the woods and be a voyeur in nature. Plus I can manage a sustainable, renewable resource that will provide 50 pounds of almost pure protein.



360 days of the year to demonstrate style inspired by my idol, only one weekend to actually BE him

I absolutely love Halloween and it is one of the many aspects of fall that makes it my favorite season.

It may come as a surprise that male fashion and style is a passion of mine. The deviation from sustainability is not as much as one might initially assume. In my thrift store hunts for 100% natural materials taught me to search for garments made in first world countries as the quality is the highest and it means the garments were made by someone who was paid a fair wage. These garments also happen to be among the most sustainably produced, although incidentally only. The best quality natural fibers are made by techniques that have been abandoned or are now cost-prohibitive to consumers like me who are not rich. So I turned to the used clothing market to fill holes in my wardrobe- mostly thrift stores.

Being 6’3, it was hard to find garments that fit me so I ran a very modest side business of selling high quality garments I found but could not be altered to fit.

Classic male fashion is where my interests lie and Steve Mcqueen is my idol in many regards, especially style.

For Halloween I was Police Detective Frank Bullitt.

Bullitt 06

I apologize for not taking any pictures myself, but if any pop up from others on social media, I will post it here.

Sadly, the costume required me to shave my beard entirely for the first time in two years! Luckily I participate in the NHL’s no shave november for charity so it will be back in due time.



Planting trees to play tricks on potential customers

I love hops as well as the creative beers in which they are used so I aspire to to be a small hops producer. I have good relations with various breweries in the area and hope to court those that are sustainably oriented.

But I also want to instill some good natured confusion upon those that visit the farm.

A cool tree that stuck with me from studying forestry in college is the Hophornbeam, Ostrya virginiana. Its flowers resemble green hops and turn brown as the flowers sheath the new fruit.

From wikipedia:

“Ostrya virginiana 2” by Eric Hunt – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Ostrya_virginiana_2.jpg#/media/File:Ostrya_virginiana_2.jpg

I will plant a pair of these at the farm entrance. Think of the possibilities! I can jest that I’ve grafted hops to a birch tree and am the first ever producer of tree hops. These trees will serve as a good conversation starter!



Look at this beautiful hare

I’ve never really noticed rabbits before, but as I would like to raise them alongside chickens (or on top like Polyface Farms does) I figured I’d check out the rabbit judging at the local 4-H fair.

I haven’t dove into my psyche to determine why I find this animal so beautiful. If I figure it out, I’ll let you know but for now I can’t get over how gorgeous I find this Belgian Hare.