3-D Printing to save endangered species

I haven’t been writing much lately, but one post I have been putting together involves 3-D Printing in the apiary. However a small biotech company has plans to use 3-D printing in another way.

They plan to bioengineer synthetic rhino horns in order to flood the markets to hopefully remove economic incentive to harvest illicit animal products.

It is an interesting strategy that some argue could exacerbate the problem by creating demand for rhino horns. I’m no economist so I’ll defer that discussion to this solid piece of journalism from National Geographic.

As an avid hunter, conservationist and animal lover, I am happy to see technological innovation applied to the welfare of wildlife as well as eliminating the disgraceful practices of poachers that are all too often applied broadly to hunters.


One thought on “3-D Printing to save endangered species

  1. I thought rhino horns were used as an aphrodisiac?

    It’s hard to know if the synthetic form encourages demand for the real thing – I have a mock fur coat and wondered where in fact it was distasteful in some way.


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