…has been knocking over my buckwheat and asparagus ferns. And I believe, but not convinced it is the perpetrator of this issue, it has been climbing up the interior of the barn to snatch hops from the trellised vines. I’ve found chewed hops inside the barn as well as outside at ground level. Plus I found tracks this time!

Trampled buckwheat laying across the garden aisles:

Trampled asparagus:

Destroyed hops:

Tracks with trampled buckwheat laying across the aisle into this bed. Unfortunately grass clippings do not capture much detail. But the stride length (it made a right angle turn in the image) leaves no doubt:

Despite being trampled, my honeybees are working the buckwheat hard now along with a newly observed wasp and countless butterflies. In fact my morning routine now exists of sipping coffee while just observing the happenings of the nectar feeders. Although the tranquility of the scene is disturbed by the .22 rifle slung over my shoulder should I cross paths with the aforementioned ground hog.


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