Honeybee Update: Comb issue fixed and honey super added to one hive

My problems with bad comb formation were do to my inattention at properly spacing the frames. The issue was fixed on my end and my bees have fulfilled their end of the bargain.

My strong hive had drawn out and begun to fill with nectar 7.5 of the frames in the second deep super I added in May. So 10 days ago I spritzed some brand new medium frames with my bee-drench and added a medium super. 6 days later, they hadn’t added a lick of wax, but August isn’t exactly the time of prime nectar flow.

The other hive is still lagging. I added a second deep super in June. A month and a half later, I went out with a medium super ready to be added. My actions proved to be wishful thinking as they have only filled out 4 of the frames in the second deep super.


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