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I caught a few of my ladies in my blooming buckwheat!



Look at the pollen pants!

I thought my bees disliked the buckwheat or were maybe more attracted to the neighbors soybeans. Up until this point, I’ve seen carpenter bees 5 different species of wasps and 21 different butterflies (assuming males and females look alike in each species) but no honeybees!

I’ve been taking pictures of many of the native pollinators I find in the buckwheat and will consolidate them into a single post.


2 thoughts on “Finally!

  1. My honey bees barely worked my buckwheat this year. I think I’m going to hold off sowing it for another month or so next year. It should start blooming about the time we hit our major dearth of I do that. There were several mason bees and other species on it also.


    • I’m considering trying out if of the improved cultivars next year! Every one of my real crops I plan to follow with a double crop of buckwheat to help get through the nectar droughts

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