End of season sales mean time to companion plant!

A long time ago, I covered companion planting basics with each of my plants. I’ll go over it again soon, but for now you will have to settle for pictures.

Dill and asparagus:


Basil + asparagus = ladybugs!



I’ve also sewn nasturtium and marigold seeds around the perimeter of the asparagus beds.


Beebalm to bring the pollinators to the blueberries:


Acid loving bay laurel to companion with the acid loving blueberries. It may die over the winter, but only one way to find out if it can survive!



Snow peas to climb the accidental corn:


And finally, clover with just about everything else that is a heavy nitrogen feeder (hops, asparagus, blueberries, as a living mulch in fallow beds)




2 thoughts on “End of season sales mean time to companion plant!

  1. I was totally sure that my bay laurel had died, but I left it in the ground over the winter and it is finally showing signs of life. My point? It may look like it is dead, but good things may be going on under the soil. Good luck!


    • That is definitely encouraging especially given your extra ~12° of latitude! Its role in the garden is important enough to be treated as an annual if winter conditions force my hand. But I hope I see the same results as you!

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