The comical downside to using animal feed as a soil amendment

Yesterday I mentioned my luck in finding a great soil amendment while searching for ways to maintain and increase the acidity of my blueberry beds,

Now its time for the catch.





I don’t know, maybe a sunflower?


Grains and the effect on the bed (third one down)


I’m also pretty sure there is a soybean plant too, but it could just be a weed.

Whether these were mixed into the pellets of cottonseed meal or just seeds that snuck in from the mill shared with other feed sources, these uninvited guest have taken up residence in my blueberry beds.

I’m not too inclined to do anything about it as: I have no corn this year to be contaminated by gmo pollen, I’ve never grown sunflowers or corn but plan to so they will be good learning experiences. I don’t have much of an excuse for the cereal grain. Hmmm….I’VE GOT IT: it will act as a nursery plant for the clover ground cover I sewed.

Lazy gardening at its finest! If these guys survive the ever lowering pH of that particular garden bed, they have earned too much of my respect to cull.

Plus something had been snipping off my newly planted blueberries so I am hoping these plants will appease the perpetrator. In fact, I have another uninvited guest in my garden that will serve the same purpose…


2 thoughts on “The comical downside to using animal feed as a soil amendment

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