Unwanted mushrooms on the lawn or in the garden

With the obsession of fungus over the posts of last week, I figured I would close with a simple, slightly relevant topic.

Many DIY publishers seem to demonize mushrooms that pop up in a lawn or garden. I’m sorry to report that there is very little that you can do to prevent them. But you shouldn’t want to!

Typically appearing after a solid soaking of rain, mushrooms in the lawn are simply the fruiting bodies of fungus that is working within your soil. Mushrooms indicate that the soils have sufficient organic matter while the fungus themselves are turning that organic matter into nourishment for the soil. Same goes to garden beds, especially if they contain compost!

If they lessen the aesthetics of your lawn, you can kick the fruiting bodies over which won’t do anything to fungi except limiting the spread of spores. The only time mushrooms damage lawns is if they spring up in such dense and proficient numbers that they shade out the vegetation.

Otherwise mushrooms mean that the soils is currently improving in quality!


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