Quick update: asparagus!

I need another day to finish the next post on mulching, so here is a quick update from the farm.

Asparagus sucks…why do I have to enjoy eating it so much? Requiring 8″ deep by 12″ diameter holes, and raised garden beds atop 50 year old fill dirt, I pushed my physical limits planting this crop. I filled 7 5-gallon buckets with rocks pulled out of the planting holes and in hindsight, this is what took the most time and physical effort.

It took so long to get all the beds planted that the first batch has already sprouted and ferned out. Another thanks to Nourse Farms for the great quality plants. Although their 25 crown minimum and my desire for two varieties almost killed me when having to plant them all!

I’ll expand on the planting process in a future post, but this is all I feel like typing on my phone.




Last note: grrr I can’t wait to have chickens to take a bite out this population!!!



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