Silvopasture and Agroforestry

Tree Germination Experiment Update: THE PERSIMMONS ARE ALIVE

Well 9 of them so far. Patience certainly proved to be a virtue here! Applying the laws of probability to the diecious nature of Diospyros virginiana, I most likely have 4 or 5 fruit bearing female trees while the remaining 5 or 4 respectively, trees are male pollinators. While nowhere near as prolific in amount germinated as the honey locust and apple seeds, I still have 9 persimmons seedlings from sexual reproduction to bolster the gene pool on the farm. I’ll make a post soon contrasting sexual vs asexual reproduction of trees.

Holy taproot! I now understand while persimmons are so difficult to transplant and thus so expensive to purchase from nurseries. Check out these buggers with roots 4+ times longer than the sprouts:




I transplanted all 9 of the visible sprouts along with the rest of the species and recovered the starter tray with seran wrap hoping more will come up. The lesson here is that the seeds were either not scarified by the animal whose scat I collected them from, or they were indeed scarified and too much time passed between the animal pooping them an my planting.

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