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New Category: In the kitchen!

Much of my sustainable living goals put me into the kitchen. If I can’t make something from scratch, my next best option is to purchase raw ingredients in bulk so make the specialized products myself. In fact I make 32 oz of contact solution for $1.52 when it sells for $28 but I get a lot of flak from people who are not confident in their knowledge of chemistry and think I am nuts for using something on my eyes that is homemade so I have not posted it.

Back on topic: I have made a new category for making products in the kitchen. This will range from soap and the subsequent products that can be made from soap to baking to cooking to beer to cheesemaking while also including making non-food products in the home.

The first new posts in this category will be sourdough baking and beer brewing. Two closely related but very distinctly different forms of baking and microbiology!


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