Silvopasture and Agroforestry

Tree Germination experiment: Non-supersaturated pictures

I realized that I always fail to turn off the insanely intense grow lights when I photograph my seedlings. Here is my attempt to rectify that.

Here are the honey locusts:


And the apple seedlings in the bottom right of the middle tray:



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Planting Honey Locust seeds

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3 thoughts on “Tree Germination experiment: Non-supersaturated pictures

  1. Did you start these by seeds if so which type or was this through propagation? I acted insanely weird when I tried propagation and didn’t realize I would be successful but when I was woohoo I was the fool dancing in the yard 🙂


    • I started everything from seed: honey locusts collected from my heaviest producers, persimmons from animal scat and apples from store bought galas. I’ll add links above to the previous posts in my tree germination series, but in summary: honeylocusts were scarified in near boiling water, persimmons by animals digestion (but they failed haha) and apples straight from the fruit!


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