Simple and Easy Recipe: Slow cooker Roast, Venison, wild game, grass fed beef

I’ve devised a very easy, healthy and nutritious recipe for roasting any meat that you may have trepidations regarding its tenderness. Something I have found to help tenderize the meat beyond slow cooking it is to add in healthy animals fats: either wrap the roast in pastured bacon or put small slices of pork belly/back fat on top and let the juices run into the meat.


One item to note is your crock pot may cook hotter than mine on low. Check often if you make this for the first time!


1-5 pound roast

Any veggies you like with roasts: potatoes, onions, garlic, carrots, etc. but I typically avoid brasicas as they flavor the drippings too strongly.

Stock or broth, your choice of animal source: Enough broth to partially cover meat and veggies. Extra juices will cook out as well




Trim and cut up the veggies you chose

Trim fat and sinew off of roast

Toss everything into the crock pot.

You might as well maximize the amount of veggies you cook as they don’t affect cooking time.

I like to have veggies and meat all partially submerged so the simmer in the juices.

Cook on low for 7 hours. Less for smaller roast or crockpot’s whose low setting is hotter than a gentle simmer.


Here are some pics of a venison roast. I cut it with my fork!



Now experiment a bit. I’ll top everthing with “cream of (your choice)” soup, or a packet of French onion powered soup mix, or a packet of powered ranch meant for sour cream mixing if I’m in a wild mood.


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