Information in the Public Domain

With the lack of entertainment at the farm, I’ve finally gotten caught up on my reading list. In addition to pleasure reading, one nonfiction book is always in the mix. For modern books, I typically add some used books from amazon as I come across interesting sounding titles or accumulate a list from citations in other literature.

However I want to note one source of literature that is entirely free due to any number of copyright situations.

There are many sources for books in the public domain but I usually use Google scholar or The Internet Archive. Both provide downloadable eBook file formats. Since the farm model more closely reflects farm practices from pre-WWII and the petrochemical revolutions, there is infitine useful information in the public domain.

There are also audio books read by volunteers! Sounds like a fun project if you have a decent microphone.

A few of the many interesting titles I’ve come across so far (and I will write reviews in the future) are:

Shenandoah Valley Pioneers and Their Descendants

The native persimmon

Tree crops, a permanent agriculture

This is my first experience with ebooks so I use my smartphone but maybe I’ll get an eReader at some point!


One thought on “Information in the Public Domain

  1. Like you, I have just started getting into ebooks. Am pleased that I can access some from my local library, though the range is currently quite small.

    Anyway, I will look into the sources you mention. On the whole, I prefer to read a book than from my phone, but the latter means less likelihood of waking my daughter who still likes to sleep next to me.


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