vermicompost tea research


There aren’t a lot of scientifically-conducted research results available that reference vermicompost tea. Plenty of anecdotal stuff. I know what I believe, what I’ve seen with my eyes, but still, study results make one feel a little more confident in his or her course of action.

I found this pdf, reprinted from BioCycle referencing Ohio State University studies:

“Greenhouse plant growth trials… established that the vermicompost teas had significant effects, not only on plant germination and growth, but also on the incidence of plant diseases, plant parasitic nematodes and arthropod pests.”

That feels better.

“…half of the treatments tested were aerated and half were not. Parameters studied were: pH, ni- trate-N, dehydrogenase enzyme activity and microbial biomass. All of these parameters were significantly lower in the nonaerated teas compared with those in the aerated ones, probably be- cause dissolved oxygen supports microbial activity.”

“Germination rates, heights and leaf areas of…

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